Saturday, 14 July 2012

Turning off the Sat Nav...

Now our boys are older Hubby and I try and escape once a week for a quiet coffee and actually talk to each other. Today was no exception.

We headed out, firstly to a rough looking farm shop, with scruffy ponies and rusty farm equipment....It's lovely being in a rural area, we are so near a modern town yet you can find slow country life with all it's charm only a few miles away.

In the farm shop we were served by a hard working farmer, wearing dirt as evidence of his labours. We tried to stroke the small shy cat who was cuddled up in a box of bird food, grabbed a big sack of dog food then headed off to find a café.

At first we decided play the game 'follow the first brown sign you see to a destination'. We ended up at Shaw's Corner, the country home of George Bernard Shaw a playwright from the last century. I was counting on the National Trust tradition of tea rooms, the thought of coffee cake with walnuts was making me hungry.

Unfortunately the National Trust failed us, but this didn't dampen our spirits. As we had not explored this part of rural Hertfordshire before we felt adventurous, also curious about how many of the huge houses tucked away here, with embossed iron gates, belonged to famous celebrities.

Our next game was turn off the satellite navigation & drive. We ended coming off unknown lanes into a village near to ours. As we pulled onto the high street we spotted a lovely little restaurant which looked like it might serve coffee. It was beautiful I knew instantly this would have to become a new favourite place to eat, with low beamed ceiling and cosy corners filled with cushions. We grinned at each other satisfied that our travel games had led us somewhere lovely which we may never have discovered.

Hubby mentioned to me how this is so like when we chose to home educate the boys. We had no map to guide us, no sat nav to direct us, but we don't regret it....

Journey with no map.

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