Thursday, 4 October 2012

Exam nerves...

 Preexam nerves are hitting. No I am not doing any exams, but my eldest son is doing his first iGCSE, as a mock to practice for next summer.

Are mothers allowed to be nervous? It seems crazy, I guess all the memories from the exams of my youth are being recalled. Is it that as a home educator I can't just ignore it and relax knowing the school has it all in hand?

 All the physical details are booked and planned: exam paid for, triple checked he is booked for the right papers, arranged to stay with my Aunty and Uncle who live near the exam centre and little son is booked to have major fun with various relatives for a few days.....oops forgot about the dog! Being a Mum is complicated.

 I felt like blogging today, I was inspired by big son. He did a practice exam paper today. For two hours little son, the dog and myself whispered and crept about the house; try doing an Australian accent, followed by a Hong Kong accent, whilst whispering, with a dog sat on your lap with his head shoved under your chin, one arm around little son and a book in the only free hand...not easy, I told you being a Mum is complicated! When I got in a bit of a muddle and my accent turned in to a cockney one, then Little son had a credible attempt at the whispered Australian accent.

My inspiration came from two angles, the descriptive writing my son did as part of his paper which reminded me that I do enjoy a bit of descriptive writing. Then when big sons English tutor commented on my incredible lack of skill at grammar (noted from Facebook). I felt inspired to have a go at improving it, by using it.

Here is big sons descriptive exam writing from today, he says, it's bad mum, its bad mum, but I think he might have a little of the exam nerves too.

The Traffic Jam by 'Big Son' aged 14
Polluted grey sky rules our mood today, emotionless flocks of birds on a mission to seek a better place, flying in perfect formation; only blacking out the sky more.

Far off grey mist looked as if it was the scouting party for the sky, who slowly scrutinised our movements and plans to attack us with its forces of rain, lighting and thunder. Sitting on the motorway only gave me joy in the fact that a huge narrow lorry looked ominously over my car covering me with a shadow casted by the invisible sun; what is good about this is it blocks my curious view from seeing how far the traffic jam went.

I opened my window to hear what I didn’t expect: bleak silence. I got panicky for a small moment as I thought I was deaf, but I heard my engine which seemed to be vague as if it was a mile away. Then I heard a sudden crash of metal as the queue moved forward then I heard a car alarm as I thought someone had been hit. A burly bald man built like a bear opened his door and ran to the car behind him and shouted some abuse at the driver.  It was obvious that bear man’s car had been hit; he was now holding up the entire lane to my left. As I smelled mind altering fumes it seemed I was drifting away in to a state of mindlessness. In my half dazed state I almost didn’t notice the traffic as it rumbled in to twenty mile an hour life.  I travelled down the road and went past the cause of the jam, a car had flipped over on top of a caravan. Shards of glass and metal were scattered around inside the orange radiating barriers. The shards were so ominous I become quite disturbed. I pulled off at the next junction, relieved to be away from the mayhem.
Ok I know his grammar is better than mine, I am feeling a little paranoid! I think I will stick to maths.

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